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Luke Davenport


Technical Artist




Hammering better workflows out, one snag at a time.


Technical Artist

Scientific Games

Sydney, Australia · August 2018 – Present

As my teams' dedicated TA i was brought on board to help up skill them from their old workflows into unity, this included:
Mentoring Art and Engineering on best practices
Communication with Leadership about realistic outcomes and timelines.
Leading by example and setting up proper structures for the team to build off.
Champion the embrace of team member skills to drive production choices.

With those larger hurdles out of the way, though ongoing, I focus mainly day to day on:
Continuous improvement of workflows. (How can we do this quicker/easier/cheaper)
Performance optimisation.
Iterative changes to workflow that balance deadlines with improvement.
Tools and Pipeline dev to support above mentioned goals.


Acid Interactive

Adelaide, Australia · March 2017 – Present

This has been the organisation that I have handled my fee for service work. During this time I have focused on skills improvement while going the extra mile for clients.

Some completed projects include:
Private Game development/VR tutoring
VR market research application
Extensive modelling and texturing work
Project optimisation and extended customer support.



Mawson Lakes, South Australia · October 2014 – December 2016

.NET Framework Developer
Building Web applications with EF 5.0
Work autonomously and in a small team environment
Working on multiple projects concurrently and self moderating workflow based on client priority

Tutor – Game Design Concepts

University of South Australia

Mawson Lakes · March 2015 – July 2015

Teaching introduction to UE4 covering:
Blueprints, Level design, Materials, Particle effects, Sounds and Testing
Worked with Course Coordinator to develop lesson plan and objectives
Worked to update the course from using XNA to UE4
Worked 1on1 with student teams to introduce concepts outside of usual class scope (eg. matrices, 3d modelling, shaders, animation)

Unity Programmer/Technical Artist


Adelaide, Australia · March 2013 – July 2014

Abstracted re-usable game Logic (C#, Unityscript)
Built a re-usable framework for rapid development
Extending Unity Editor (C#, Unityscript)
Provide design recommendations and implementations
Test code on a variety of platforms
Integration of a variety of plugins into central pipeline
Particle effects and Post processing
Optimisation of projects, assets and code
Work autonomously and in a small team environment


Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialisation in Game Art)


Adelaide, Australia · 2014 – 2014

Digital & Interactive Games (Game Art)


Adelaide, Australia · 2013 – 2014

Bachelor of Information Technology (Games and Ent. Design)

University Of South Australia: School of Info Tech & Math Sci.

Adelaide, Australia · 2010 – 2012