Made on request for a friend looking for a screen space scan-line effect with chromatic aberration.

It was an interesting challenge as it usually is when you start from something a little bit vague but when the result is
"This is... actually close to the vision I was thinking of, That NEVER happens", you can feel pretty happy with yourself.

This has adjustable scan-line width, speed and color. the aberration is additive and has adjustable power as well as deviation.

GUI Scan-line shader in action

This is a simple single texture implementation of a progress bar showing the ability to independently update both bars by controlling a normalized health/mana variable. Still super early with this effect and could do a lot more with this especially if I was looking to do something that involved non standard progress bars (like a growing tree with branches)

GUI Single Texture progress bar, Driven by shader

Texture breakdown showing channel packing RGB left and Alpha to the right

Shaders and Experiments

A few effects that i’ve played around with recently both for personal projects and some small projects with friends.

Some additional work I have done on contract has included customisable dilation effects, bloom and highlighting/glow systems.

Shaders, UI, Tech