Interactive menu implementation from designs, added screenshots to the buttons for extra clarity.

Store product Layout

Scene dressings using supplied assets – Behind Counter

Scene dressings using supplied assets – survey area + show floor

Aisle layout using supplied assets.

Aisle Layout showing a bit of the scene background.

Player POV

Multi-Purpose Showcase room – Checkout + Video Screen

Multi-Purpose Showcase room – Animated product(Supplied) on pedestal

Multi-Purpose Showcase room – simultaneous products animations(supplied)

SRT - VR Genesis

I worked as a freelance technical artists on and off over the course of 9 months with SRT to help develop their product, VR GENESIS.

During this time my core responsibilities included, but not limited to:

  • Code revision and cleanup
  • New feature implementation
  • Scene optimisation and Shader development
  • Scene dressing
  • Refinement of design and Asset Polish
Technical Artist
Strategic Research Tools
07/2017 – 04/2018